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Lupaia - Tuscany

Tuscan Mood: this was the concept that guided us in the project for Lupaia. A romantic and refined digital storytelling, as the exceptional place it represents.


Crafting a new digital presence for a boutique country resort, such as Lupaia in Tuscany, required an approach that melds both the luxury and authenticity of the Tuscany experience.

The new website prioritizes visual storytelling, with a clean, user-friendly layout with minimal clutter; the earthy color palette reflects Tuscany's landscapes, whilst legant yet readable fonts resonate with the hotel’s luxury audience.


Hotels evolve over time, reflecting changes in business strategies and in traveler preferences. 
Constantly updating the digital presence is critical to maintaining appeal and competitiveness.

Content Production e Digital Strategy

The new photos and copywriting by our creative tem capture the beauty of Lupaia and its surroundings – rolling hills, cypress trees, rustic charm, and luxurious accommodations.

A clean, responsive webdesign provides an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. A strong digital advertising strategy, combining both SEO and paid Google campaigns, is in place to grow the brand awareness and direct bookings from the hotel’s international key markets.

Content Production e Digital Strategy
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